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Karen’s Natural Market has a wide variety of services to meet your needs.  All services are provided by skilled practitioners, and all products that are used are organic and natural.  For an appointment or more information, please call the store at 443-502-2793.

“I just got balanced by Karen yesterday and am already feeling so much better! Can’t wait for my next appointment!”

The science of smells takes a giant step forward with the active components of essential oils doing fabulous things like uplifting, reliving muscle pain and helping you think clearer.
Brain Gym Kinesiology
Using simple exercises helps your brain work better in math, reading, memory and cheerfulness.
Foot Detox
This machine produces alternating positive and negatively charged particles that act like little magnets pulling poisons out of your body through the pores of your feet.
Emotional Kinesiology
Using muscle testing and meridians, you can help yourself deal with issues, like shyness, depression and anger issues.
Using muscle testing to determine meridian energy imbalances and acupressure to correct, kineseolgy allows one to ‘fix’ lots of issues. like old & new injuries, allergies, and more.
LAM Massage
This lovely Swedish style massage is combined with Gina’s energy knowledge to produce a very therapeutic experience.