A young mother stopped in the store one day. She’d never been in before and didn’t even know if there was any alternatives for her daughter’s problem. She was so worried about the little girls’ migraines and all  the medicines the little girl was on. The little girl, 10 years had been having migraines 3-4 days a  week. She had been put on 5 different pain medications. She had just experienced a really bad problem with the medicines which had caused a trip to the hospital. I showed her the Migrastick. A little aromatherapy fix in a roll-on bottle. She held it in her hands, not believing that this little thing could do anything to help her daughter, but desperation is a powerful thing and after the recent hospitalization she was just about willing to try anything. So she bought the little bottle and left.

When she came back here to buy 2 migrasticks a couple of months later, one for the house and one for the purse, she told me this wonderful story; After years of being on pain medications, the little girls’ migraines would go away with just the Migrastick. That was amazing in and of itself, but what none of them expected was that they would stop coming so frequently as well. Instead of 3-4 times a week, the little girl was only getting migraines once or twice a month!!!