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 At Karen’s Natural Market we pride ourselves in offering the very best selection of aromatherapy products, vitamins, minerals, supplements, as well as natural and organic products and CBD oils to our customers. Our mission is to find and offer the very best products from around the globe. Visit us on Facebook to view some of the products we offer as well as customer testimonials and lots of helpful information!


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I’ve had Lyme’s disease symptoms since I was 13 years old. I went over a year with no diagnoses. When I finally got diagnosed I went through 3 rounds of treatment about 1 year. Each time only made me feel better shortly. I came to Karen after a medicine make me very sick. Karen gave me recommendations. After a few weeks fuse I was feeling better. Less than 6 months later I was off all medicines. I’m feeling great again and have been for almost 6 months.
Cuchara de Plata!!! I have used this amazing stuff about 4-6 times to combat Mastitis. I didn’t want to keep getting antibiotics every single time I came down with it, so I took the recommended dosage of 1 tsp 3 times daily, and within a day I was feeling all better again! I know keep it stocked with my medicines, and I don’t travel without it. Thanks to Karen for introducing me to this wonderful stuff!!
Daniela W.
I went to Karen’s for help with my breathing and my asthma. Karen recommended Respiratory Cleanse and Pollen Hayfever. I have not needed an asthma treatment for 6 months. Before it was at least 1x per week - sometimes more.
Diabetes - My diabetes was not under control. My doctor prescribed Metformin. I didn’t want to take it. So I came to Karen’s and she (Karen) told me @ others having success with the Bell form #40 Blood Sugar Metabolism. I never took a single Metformin. Just 2 pills a day of BS Meta and now my sugar levels are in the normal range.